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A new 2022 edition of AS 2278.1 “Metal aerosol dispensers of capacity 50 mL to 1 000 mL inclusive” (colloquially known as the ‘Aerosol Standard’) was published by Standards Australia on 22 July.


The Standard was last updated in 2008 and the major aim of this new revision is to ensure that the Standard remains consistent with the requirements of the EU Aerosol Dispensers Directive on which AS 2278 has been based since 2000, along with the UN Model Regulations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods.


These all introduce a new maximum permitted pressure for aerosols propelled by non-flammable compressed gas propellants of 15 bar (up from the current maximum of 13.2 bar).


There have been a number of other minor changes, mostly to improve clarity, and the section on the labelling of aerosol dispensers has been significantly revised to bring consumer safety advice, symbols and legibility requirements into line with those in the UN Model Regulations (and hence the ADG Code) and in the GHS.


The new edition is now available for purchase in hardcopy and PDF format from a variety of sources including:


AS 2278.1:2022 | Techstreet Store Australia


as-2278-1-2022 | Standards Australia


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