The Aerosol Advantage

Today's aerosol is the ultimate in modern, user-friendly technology. 

Over 16 billion aerosols are produced worldwide annually - proof of their popularity, convenience and value for money. Here in Australia, we purchase around 285 million aerosols every year - nearly 11.5 for every man, woman and child!

Environmentally as well as technically, the aerosol has evolved to meet the needs of the twenty-first century. Explore the technical and environmental advantages of the aerosol package throughout this site. 


Over 57 Years Service

Established in 1964, the Aerosol Association of Australia represents companies involved in the manufacture and marketing of aerosol products, or the supply of aerosol components, services and ingredients.

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Aerosol News

Winners of 2022 Aerosol Industry Awards Announced
The winners of the 2022 Australian Aerosol Awards were announced at the ‘aerosol2022’ event in Sydney on 31 March.
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FEAerosol 2022
Online registration for 'FEAerosol2022' is now OPEN. This year's event will be held in Lisbon, Portugal, on 21 and 22 September 2022.
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Benefits of Aerosols

Nothing Delivers Quite Like An Aerosol

Aerosols are suited to a wide variety of products. They can dispense a foam, a paste, a wet or dry spray, and even a gel or cream. 

Aerosols perform consistently, from the first spray until the very last. They are leak proof, won't spill or evaporate and have a long shelf life...

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Environmental Facts

Your Empty Aerosols are Recyclable

Aerosol cans are made from recyclable steel and aluminium and  recycling of empty post-consumer aerosols is easy, safe and well-established in Australia.

It's OK to Spray

Today's aerosols don't damage the ozone layer and the propellants now used in the majority of aerosols have "a negligible greenhouse effect".

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