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Aerosol Benefits

Nothing Delivers Quite Like An Aerosol

The aerosol package has numerous advantages not duplicated by non-aerosol alternatives. Aerosols are suited to a wide variety of products and can dispense a foam, a paste, a wet or dry spray, and even a gel or cream. 

In many cases, aerosols are the most effective packaging for a product, as they:

  • produce fine sprays - ideal for air fresheners and insect sprays
  • achieve even coatings - ideal for spray paints, hairspray and cooking sprays
  • produce foams - ideal for carpet shampoos, hair mousses and whipped cream
  • reach hard to get at places - ideal for automotive sprays, lubricants and crack and crevice treatments
  • are airtight (hermetically sealed), clean and hygienic - ideal for personal care and medical products as they cannot become contaminated while being used.

They can dispense medicines or other products in doses as small as 50gm, they can jet product long distances - for example in garden or wasp sprays, while one-shot (or 'total release') valves can empty cans in one go.

Convenient - Ready and Easy to Use

Aerosols are always ready to use at the touch of a button. They need no mixing or measuring, and are easy to store and handy to use. They are leak proof, won't spill or evaporate and have a long shelf life.


It is possible to recycle all empty aerosols as they are made from tinplated steel or aluminium . Read more on how to recycle your aerosols.