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Vision and Purpose


In December 2011, based on the results of a Member Survey, the Association’s Executive participated in an externally facilitated strategy session. They identified critical ‘hotspots’ to address to ensure the sustainability of the Australian aerosol industry and its Association. These key pillars have formed the basis of the resulting Association Strategy - summarised below. This strategy was updated in late 2014 and again in 2022 following subsequent Member Surveys, with a fifth pillar - Sustainability [currently under development] - added in late 2022.


To be recognised as the authoritative voice of the Australian Aerosol Industry and to maximise the growth, prosperity and international competitiveness of all members


To be the single authoritative voice relating to all aspects of aerosol manufacture, filling and use in Australia and to shape the growth and development of the industry in Asia

Industry Regulatory Affairs
Market Advocacy
Asian Future

Below is a snapshot of just five important goals. For more information, follow the links above.

Industry/Regulatory Affairs


  • Provide timely and informed advice to members.
  • Promote the benefits of global harmonisation of regulatory requirements to regulators, members, key influencers and other industry associations locally and globally.
  • Ensure the Association is viewed by Government and Regulators as ‘the’ authority on aerosol issues.
  • Build effective alliances and relationships.
  • Monitor the relevance of AS2278 (Aerosol Standard) to current aerosol technology and ensure it remains consistent with Best Practice Principles and relevant industry standards prevailing in our major trading partners.

Market Advocacy


  • Support and enhance the image of the aerosol.
  • Ensure the Association’s website communicates the aerosol’s advantages and the Association’s role.
  • Respond to media enquiries on aerosol issues.
  • Build relationships with educational institutions, training providers, professional bodies, product specifiers and designers to promote greater understanding about the aerosol and its advantages and potential.
  • Support the member recruitment endeavors of the Association.

Asian Future


  • Shape the future of the aerosol format across the region.
  • Drive quality standards and good environmental practice across the region.
  • Advocate for and influence the development of harmonised, regional industry standards.
  • Communicate to members on opportunities and developments in Asia.
  • Promote and encourage the establishment of national aerosol industry associations across the region.



  • Provide accessible and cost-effective training courses in aerosol technology and issues impacting on the industry for Association members and, where appropriate, the wider industry.